Appointment Policy

At Foundation Physiotherapy, we believe that each client requires our undivided and full attention. For that reason, all appointments are one-on-one with your health care professional.  We do not utilize students, aides or kinesiologists to carry out treatments. However, in order to offer this high-level of service, we maintain a strict appointment policy.

We encourage clients to stay with their assessing physiotherapist for the duration of their program (unless otherwise indicated). Prime appointment times book up fast. Therefore, in order to reach your therapeutic goals, we encourage you to book your appointments for at least two weeks in advance. You will be advised by your therapist as to the frequency and duration of treatment. This ensures that you get your preferred appointment time and that your program is completed in full, allowing you to reach and maintain your desired results.

When coming for your appointment, please bring appropriate clothing to exercise and move around in. We also suggest that you bring in any information regarding your insurance coverage (i.e. insurance card or booklet). Our office staff can help you with any billing questions you may have

NOTE: Your appointment time is held for you. Please understand that a missed appointment or late cancellation disables another client from accessing our services. As a result, cancellations less than 24 hours (unless an emergency), missed appointments or no-shows will be subject to the full session fee. Please be advised that our front desk staff will apply the fee according to the above criteria. Any issues or concerns regarding payment of the cancellation fee should be brought up with your primary physiotherapist, and escalated to the clinic director if appropriate. Please feel free to email here us if you have any concerns.