Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a pain free, hands on treatment that targets the body’s most prevalent tissue; the fascia. At Foundation Wellness, FST is performed by our Chiropractor Dr. Stephanie Tabbert.

What is Fascia?

The connective tissue that wraps and connects muscles, joints, nerves, bones, and organs. Similar to muscle fascia can get tight and bound down, however it responds better to movement and stretching and than to traditional massage and other therapies.

Benefits of FST include:

  • increased flexibility and mobility
  • decreased pain
  • decreased joint compression and impingement
  • improved posture
  • improved sport performance and muscle function
  • increased blood supply
  • reduced risk of injury
  • reduced mental and physical stress
  • better sleep
  • improved sex life

FST is compatible with other forms of treatment and training. Results are often seen within 1-3 sessions and accumulate over time. Combined with exercises to help maintain mobility and strengthen your body in its new range FST will help you move and feel better for whatever your needs may be.

Note: please wear athletic/stretchable clothing to FST assessments and treatments


Stephanie Tabbert

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