Personal Training

Experience personal training at a different level than before.

After recovering from your injury, it is important that you keep building upon yourself. All personal training sessions are conducted one-on-one with your physiotherapist. This allows you to be supervised by a health professional, while performing specific exercises for your needs.


Our extensive knowledge on body mechanics, muscle balance and joint mobility ensures that you will enjoy a safe, yet challenging, workout. Our creativity in exercise prescription allows you to simulate the exercises in any environment, with minimal equipment. We use the best techniques in body weight resistance to motivate and encourage you to push through your limits and achieve your goals.

A regular personal training program keeps you fit and prevents re-injury. For this reason, we recommended personal training sessions at the completion of a physiotherapy program. We also welcome clients who have not attended a physiotherapy program; however they are required to go through the initial consultation.

For your benefit, all personal training sessions at Foundation Physiotherapy can be claimed under “physiotherapy” coverage through your insurance plan.