Running Program

Are you looking to prevent running injuries this season? Looking to shave off a few minutes from your PB? Have you signed up for your first half-marathon and want to make it across the finish line? Or maybe you’re new to running and just want to make sure you know what you’re doing?

Multiple factors can be affecting your running technique and efficiency, such as specific muscle strength/flexibility, running shoes and cadence (steps/min).

The more efficient your running technique, the less likely you are to get injured, and the faster you’ll be!

Our Running Program is designed to thoroughly assess your running technique and determine the best intervention to increase your efficiency, so you can enjoy your running season and help prevent injuries.

What the program offers:

  • 1h30min assessment with a physiotherapist
  • In-depth assessment of your running shoes
  • Functional running-specific strength and flexibility assessment
  • Video-recorded running technique assessment and analysis on the treadmill (you will also receive the videos via email to look back on whenever you like)
  • Specific intervention plan, running program and exercise program tailored to your needs
  • 30min follow-up sessions to make adjustments to your technique as you progress towards your running goals

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If you have any specific questions or concerns about the Running Program, please email to schedule a free phone consultation and learn how this program can be customized for you.

Victoria Lavinskas is a Registered Physiotherapist with postgraduate training in running injury prevention and performance. Five-time half-marathoner herself, she is determined to help fellow runners reach their goals.


Victoria Lavinskas

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