Part Five: Turning Down the Volume

So how do we turn down the volume of the alarm system, when it is no longer being helpful? How can we decrease the sensitivity of our alarm system so that we feel less pain? Good news! There are lots of different strategies that can help with this. Here are a few simple ideas: Learn… Read More

Part Four: The Volume Dial

Pain is complex. It is our body’s alarm system. And it is often not a reliable indicator of the level of tissue damage, injury or danger. One reason for this, is because while the brain is processing information from our bodies, other factors can affect the volume of the final output or alarm. In reality,… Read More

Part Three: The Alarm System

The Alarm System

Pain is our body’s alarm system. Pain is produced by our brains (100% of the time), when it interprets information from various sources as dangerous. The interpretation and processing is done subconsciously — we are not aware of it and we can’t interfere with it. If our brain decides a warning is necessary, the alarm… Read More

Half-Marathon Training: À-la-Victoria

Are you thinking of registering for a half-marathon this Spring/Summer/Fall?   Wondering what the key elements to a solid half-marathon training program are? Here’s my 2 cents…   Long Runs Goal : endurance – the longer these runs, the more you will work on your endurance, helping you prepare for race day Pace : these should be… Read More

Do I have to stretch after a run?

Stretching exercises are used to lengthen muscle fibres and increase range of motion of joints. When considering running biomechanics, adequate hip extension (bringing the leg back) and ankle dorsiflexion (“bending” the ankle) are required for proper push-off. Adequate hip flexion (bringing the leg forward) and knee extension in hip flexion (straightening the knee with the… Read More

Sidewalk or Road: What’s the best surface to run on?

Are you an outdoor runner? What surface do you usually run on? The sidewalk? The road? A park path? The grass? The beach? There are so many possible surfaces, but which one is the best? The answer is there is no “best” surface, but here is what you should know about the surfaces you run… Read More

The Treadmill: Is it the devil?

We’ve all had those days when it’s pouring rain or there’s a nasty winter storm out, but we need to get that run in so we opt for the treadmill instead of the good ol’ outdoors. Some of us actually prefer running on the treadmill, especially in the winter. Maybe it’s just more convenient than… Read More

Staying Active with Back Pain


You’ve done it, you may or may not know how you did it, but your back is giving you trouble and causing you pain. Back pain sucks and it’s even worse when it means missing out on the activities you love or need to do. But… maybe you don’t have to. Not all aches and… Read More

What is a Trigger point?

Dr. Travell and Simons says, “it’s a hyper irritable spot in skeletal muscle that is associated with a hypersensitive palpable nodule”. Let’s make this simple to understand. Let’s imagine that you’re grumpy and you don’t want anyone near you, you cross your arms, coward forward and are just unhappy, that’s a trigger point. For whatever… Read More

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