Compression Socks

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Many clients are always surprised when we suggest that they can benefit from compression socks. We have both medical grade (30 -40mmHG) and non-medical grade socks to help you meet your individual goals. Compression socks work by aiding the veins in the lower leg push blood back to heart. This can improve health and reduce soreness in the legs. Compression socks come in a variety of styles from athletic to business to fashion. During your session, your physiotherapist can measure you to ensure the perfect fit in either a custom or off the shelf sock.

Post Surgery/Fracture

After a lower leg injury or surgery, you might be predisposed to swelling in the leg from prolonged sitting, exercise, the heat, or the day in general. Compression socks are used to minimize the amount of swelling, and therefore decrease pain and maintain mobility and your ability to continue to participate in life! Anyone who has had the unfortunate occurrence of a ankle or foot fracture or ACL tear or repair can benefit from this therapy.

Medical Requirements

Many clients have complex medical histories. Clients who are pregnant or have a history of clotting disorders, DVTs, or varicose veins will benefit from compression socks if you are travelling on a plane or have a job which requires prolonged sitting. Many clients are surprised that they do not need to live with the lower leg soreness that they’ve become accustomed with.


Do you stand ALL DAY? the venous flow of the blood back to your heart may be impaired leading to swelling and soreness in your legs! sound like you? these can help.. give us a call.


The evidence for improved performance and recovery is only anecdotal at this point, however, our clients.. and staff swear by compression improving performance and recovery. I’ve had many running clients run PBs in compression socks and I’ve hit a few PB lifts on deadlift with the help of my own pair.

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