Mobility Products

Here are a few of our favourite mobility products to keep you moving and to help you recover quicker. Self myofascial release products are an integral part to most physical activity programs and plans. Have questions about which product is best for you? Contact us or drop by the clinic to speak with one of our physiotherapists!

Want to know how best to use one or all of these products? call to schedule an appointment with a therapist!

Rad Roller

Easy to use and easy to pack on the go! You can use this little guy on just about any aching muscle. If you’re stuck at a desk all day, this is your go-to tool for back mobility and posture!

Rad Rod

This is the best ‘stick’ on the market! The small dense surface area allows you to build tension in those hard to hit areas. Great for runners trying to target shins and calves!

Rad Rounds

Designed for your ‘body’. Three different sizes to release tension in those hard to get spots like your feet, shoulders, and calves. It’s time to upgrade over your tennis ball…

Rad Helix

Designed for your back. Release the tension on your back without putting pressure on your spine. Also works great on quads, hamstrings, and calves to keep you performing at your peak.

Foam Roller

“old-reliable” or the “swiss army knife”. This is a great starting point if you’ve never done self myofascial release. Our foam rollers are efficient at working on the whole body!