Taping and Bracing

Taping and bracing are effective ways of providing stability, support, and proprioceptive feedback to joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This can be of benefit to a wide range of clients, including workers looking to reduce their work-related pain, weekend warriors wanting to complete their first marathon, or competitive athletes returning to their sport. They can be used on every aspect of the body depending on the individual’s medical history and goals.

At Foundation Physiotherapy, we have several different types of braces for your ankles, knees, elbows, back, and wrists. These are prescribed and fitted specifically for you by your physiotherapist. In addition, we carry a variety of tape, including athletic tape, kinesiology tape, and leukotape, to help you recover and reach your goals.

Common conditions in which taping and bracing can help include the following:

· Sprains, strains, and tendinopathies

· Joint hypermobility and instability

· Iliotibial (IT) band syndrome

· Shin splints

· Plantar fasciitis

· Carpal tunnel syndrome

· Tennis and golfer’s elbow

· Rotator cuff pathologies

· Poor posture

Speak with one of our physiotherapists to learn how taping and bracing can be used to help reach your goals.

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