Our Approach

Our approach to your recovery is what makes us unique and different. It consists of FOUR key factors:

Awareness: Being educated about your injury is the most important factor towards your success. We spend time with you every session to build awareness about your body mechanics, movement patterns, types of exercises and recognizing symptoms.

Recovery: We recognize the fact that you are in pain and/or unable to move the way you want to. Our physiotherapists are all skilled in the McKenzie method, manual therapy and acupuncture. Being trained in a variety of methods allows us to provide options for our clients. Each of these methods has been found to reduce pain, improve mobility and improve function.

Physical Activity: At Foundation Physiotherapy, we believe that physical injuries need be resolved with physical activity. Not only will your pain be reduced, but the key is to get back your previous level of function. This can only be achieved through the right forms of exercises. Our physiotherapists have extensive knowledge in exercise prescription and personal training. We will develop an exercise program suitable to your schedule and lifestyle.

Prevention & Lifestyle: Physical recovery is not a short term resolution. Injuries usually occur from a combination of muscle imbalances, improper body mechanics and ignoring signs from your body. At Foundation Physiotherapy, we understand this; therefore, prior to your discharge, you are provided with a progressive exercise program and suggestions to improve your lifestyle. We also offer products such as exercise balls, resistance bands, and orthotics to help you practice good physical health.