Our Philosophy

The Client-Consultant Relationship

In the business world, consultants determine their clients’ needs, and together, they work on solutions. At Foundation Physiotherapy, our philosophy is similar. We determine your current level of functionality and your expected goals. Together, we set out a plan for obtaining and maintaining those goals. It is a joint process – we bring the expertise; you commit and follow through with the implementation. The end result is your return to activity or sports; along with lifelong knowledge on practicing good physical health.

Finding the Root Cause

Our name “Foundation Physiotherapy” is two-fold. Instead of only treating the symptoms, we want to discover the foundation of your injuries. Whether it is posture, lifting techniques or referred from another body part, we utilize the best assessment skills in determining the root cause. When you start treating the root of your injuries, you can recover faster.

Re-Building Yourself

Every structure needs a strong foundation. You cannot build on an existing structure without having a solid base. We help you re-build your “foundation” for better physical health. Whether that involves strengthening your core, improving your breathing or changing your posture, your recovery lies within yourself. With a strong foundation, you will be more confident in your physical role and you will prevent further re-injury.