APPOINTMENT POLICY At Foundation Physiotherapy, we believe that each client requires our undivided and full attention. For that reason, all appointments are one-on-one with your health care professional. We do not utilize students, aides or kinesiologists to carry out treatments. However, in order to offer this high-level of service, we maintain a strict appointment policy. We encourage clients to stay with their assessing physiotherapist for the duration of their program (unless otherwise indicated). Prime appointment times book up fast. Therefore, in order to reach your therapeutic goals, we encourage you to book your appointments for at least two weeks in advance. You will be advised by your therapist as to the frequency and duration of treatment. This ensures that you get your preferred appointment time and that your program is completed in full, allowing you to reach and maintain your desired results. When coming for your appointment, please bring appropriate clothing to exercise and move around in. NOTE: Your appointment time is held for you. Please understand that a missed appointment or late cancellation disables another client from accessing our services. As a result, cancellations less than 24 hours (unless an emergency), missed appointments or no-shows will be subject to the full session fee. Please be advised that our front desk staff will apply the fee according to the above criteria. Any issues or concerns regarding payment of the cancellation fee should be brought up with your primary physiotherapist, and escalated to the clinic director if appropriate. Please feel free to email here us if you have any concerns.
EXTENDED HEALTH BILLING AND PAYMENT POLICY In an effort to provide timely and efficient client care, we are no longer billing your extended health benefits directly. We understand this has been a helpful service in the past, but with growing clientele and limited human resources, we have had an increasing amount of unpaid services. Our mission is to deliver a memorable and quality health care experience. In order to meet this mission and to keep our service costs competitive, we have decided to change our direct billing policies. – Direct billing will no longer be provided for RMT, Bracing or Orthotics services. – Direct billing for physiotherapy will ONLY occur as exception, with approval from a manager or director, if it has been determined the client cannot pay out of pocket. – In the above situation, direct billing will ONLY occur if a credit card number is left as a security. The credit card will only be charged if the insurance company rejects the billing in any form. You will be notified immediately via email regarding the reason for the rejection and amount that was charged. This is to ensure that Foundation Physiotherapy will be rightfully compensated for the provision of the service. The administrative staff at Foundation Physiotherapy will be happy to provide contact information for your insurance company, but it is expected that clients are to understand and keep track of their plan allowances. We will not be responsible if you exceed your allowance. Your therapist will be happy to discuss appropriate treatment planning, as well as alternative options, if staying within your allowance is a priority.

PRIVACY POLICY Foundation Physiotherapy (Suppiah Laing Physiotherapy Professional Corporation) is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. Information collected by Foundation Physiotherapy is only used to provide you with healthcare services or to provide you with information regarding those services. Your personal information may be used for statistical purposes, but such statistics do not contain any information that could identify you. Foundation Physiotherapy does not sell your personal information for any purpose whatsoever. We will collect personal information from you that may include medical information, insurance coverage, payment and billing information as well as, contact information so that we may serve you properly. This information will only be collected with your consent. Personal information is only accessible by the administrative staff and health care team at Foundation Physiotherapy that require access to that information in order to serve you. Any third party service providers that require personal or health information will only receive it with your consent. All such parties are also bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. Foundation Physiotherapy will only release your personal information with your consent. However, the company must comply with valid statutes that require it to disclose information to officials if required, as part of an investigation. At Foundation Physiotherapy, records are stored electronically. These records are secured according to best business practices. By using the services at Foundation Physiotherapy, you are consenting to the collection and use of personal and medical information as set out in this policy. Any changes to the policy will be immediately communicated through the company’s website. If you require more information or clarification on our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.