Chiropractic Therapy

Not your traditional Chiropractors.

The Foundation of Chiropractic here is built on one simple principle; quality individualized care in helping you achieve your goals. Each patient will receive attention and consideration unique to their goals and lifestyle. We use a wide variety of hands-on techniques, self-care, rehabilitation, and patient education to achieve the outcomes that are important to you, the patient.

Our approach aims to address these three main concepts of care for lasting pain relief, injury management, and improved overall performance:

Mobility: improving motion of the joints, muscles, and body as a whole.

Stability: increasing strength, endurance, and quality of movement.

Adaptation: giving patients the knowledge and skills to better prepare them for the tasks and challenges of their lifestyle.

You won’t find Chiropractors who solely adjust, or ‘crack backs’ at Foundation. Although this technique can be incorporated into a treatment plan if requested or indicated to improve your pain and function, it is absolutely not at the centre of any treatment plan here at Foundation. We take pride in collaborating with our patients as well as our physiotherapy and massage therapy team to design customized treatment plans that are as unique as our patients and the lives they lead.

Please note we treat more than just Back Pain. Chiropractors are trained in managing conditions that affect all the joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles, nerves of the body, as well as sport and work related injuries.

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Ryan Albert

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